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BENTELER Vehicle Dynamics

Das Fahrwerk mit Mehrwert

BENTELER Vehicle Dynamics stands for innovative vehicle concepts in driving dynamics for all vehicle classes. More safety, more comfort, more efficiency and more driving enjoyment are the added values generated by this special perspective on driving dynamics. BENTELER Premium Suspension is the ideal solution for vehicles in the D/E/F segments and SUV. The expectations about these vehicles with regard to ride comfort and driving enjoyment are supremely satisfied. The BENTELER Compact Suspension offers the right solution for vehicles of the price-conscious A, B and C segments and Vans. The driving dynamic concepts realized in the two chassis families deliver the highest degree of active safety and driving enjoyment and are an important contribution to traffic safety.   

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More driving enjoyment

The new driving dynamic concepts are characterized by:

  1. more safety through high driving stability,
  2. more comfort through pleasant vehicle handling,
  3. more efficiency through less tire wear, and
  4. more driving enjoyment through precise steering behavior.




The technology

BENTELER Premium Suspension
BENTELER Compact Suspension

A model focused on the roadway contact is the basis for the innovative driving dynamic concepts of BENTELER Automotive, resulting in refined design criteria for the kinematics, elasto-kinematics and topology of the chassis. The chassis families BENTELER Premium Suspension and BENTELER Compact Suspension are based on these new driving dynamic concepts.
At first sight, the difference to other chassis concepts is not recognizable because of the purely mechanical-kinematical solution. However it only takes a short ride to convince you of
the new concepts with an impressive driving experience.


In the test

An extensive program of road tests with the BENTELER Premium Suspension and the BENTELER Compact Suspension confirmed expectations in all measuring criteria and in test driver assessments. The road tests took place both on public streets as well as on renowned testing grounds such as the Nuerburg Ring.

The following representative results demonstrate objectively measurable advantages:

  1. Reduction of the braking distance on wet roadway.
  2. Reduction of the tire wear by 40 percent.
  3. Reduction of the lap time by two seconds.


Advantages and end user benefit

The safety of the driver and occupants is of uppermost priority. The axles designed according to the new driving dynamic concepts generate precise and stable tire contact and make an important contribution to an increase in active driving safety.

Ride comfort supports the concentration of the driver and makes relaxed driving possible. Unpleasant noises and vehicle vibrations are reduced to a minimum with our new chassis families BENTELER Premium Suspension and BENTELER Compact Suspension. The improvement provides noticeably more pleasant vehicle handling. Lengthy and winding trips can be mastered easily and without stress.

The responsible handling of resources is one of the central topics of our times. Our driving dynamic concepts boost the total efficiency of a vehicle. The reduction of the tire wear by up to 40 percent is an excellent indicator of the exceptionally high precision achieved in the tread shuffle*.

The BENTELER Premium Suspension and BENTELER Compact Suspension allow improved controllability of the vehicle in all driving situations – thanks to direct vehicle response, more impressive cornering stability and excellent track stability. Driving in difficult road conditions also becomes an agreeable experience with safe driving enjoyment.

*the tire contact area